Friday, June 1, 2007

Flashback to 1985

As you may know, we're attending a wedding this weekend. The reception will be in an 80's theme, so it will be a little more exciting than your traditional wedding.
Ali and I have both purchased the appropriate attire for the evening, and we're both excited to dress up and have some fun.
One good thing about this idea is I've only spent about $20 for my outfit. Oddly enough, Ali only had to buy some leggings. The rest she had in her drawers.
Another bonus - everyone can do the 80's many of you just swung your arms from side to side trying to repeat these horrific dance moves?

I gotta practice my 80's lingo for this one. I'll be saying "dude"to address any guy, and following every sentence with "sike!!". Sadly enough, I still use "rad" and "tubular" every now and again.
See you Monday.


Logziella said...

Oddly enough Ali already had everything...TOO FUNNY!! Go Ali! Long live the 80's!!!!! :0)

Hey, I must say that I was taken back when you said that you would be saying "Dude" to everyone in the spirit of the 80's because I SAY DUDE ALL THE TIME STILL! Am I that dated? UGH...I can never keep up!

HA!!--Have a great time you guys...I am jealous! Dance to some Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and Madonna for me okay? :0)

Ali said...

Hey! That makes it sound like I always dress 20 years out of date! Tank tops and jean skirts are NOT that out of date. It's just when they are paired together with plastic jewellery and head scarves that is looks 80's.
Logziella - I say "dude" all the time too, and don't you worry, I'll be ripping it up on the dance floor!

Chris said...

My goal that night is to thread the needle. To Michael Jackson.

John said...

Don't think I have ever called anyone Dude. Maybe I should start!

Erin said...

omg, that's the coolest/strangest/most ridiculous thing EVER! Take & post lots of pictures please.
And, how did the invitation explain the theme? Or is this just a you & your date thing?