Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I don't like that "next blog" feature

You see that? Right above this heading, there's that evil little Next blog icon.
A few times, I've clicked on it to stumble across the odd interesting blog, but most of the time it's ads for some business, or people trying to sell you stuff. And, of course with the Internet the way it is these days, I've also clicked that icon to bring up a porn site. On blogger? Are you kidding me?
That has to be the biggest "speed bump" of the Internet. You can't even Google something innocent, such as "Mother's Day gifts" or "Discount toys" without being linked to some nasty site.

A few years back when I was in Nursing school, I decided to write a paper on disciplining your kids, and brought up the debate of whether to spank your kids or not. I went to Google to find information, but to my surprise, those weren't the kinds of articles I wanted. Somehow, I don't think gag balls and leather would be fitting in my paper.

Years ago Ali wanted an idea for a Mother's day gift. Again, no useful sites came up, just some crap which we quickly shut down.

I cringe when I think of our kids playing on the computer. I know they have filters and different settings, but I won't trust them.

This has been my rant for the day.

P.S. Four more sleeps until the big fishing trip. I can't wait!


Logziella said...

Uh...yah...I have had the same thing happen to me and I can't seem to get that image out of my mind! YUCK!!

So, what did you determine about spanking your kids? I am only curious. I know it's a highly controversial subject and I know how I feel about it...just curious what your research came up with.

John said...

Of course, you realise that some time soon some pervert will search for "spanking" and get your blog instead. I hope you are satisfied! :-)

Ali said...

LOL - John, that was awesome!

Chris said...

I was spanked as a child, not often, but when I got it, I listened.
From what I've seen these days, a "time out" really doesn't cut it.
Also, when I was younger, I had respect for my parents and older kids.

My research found that most people do believe in some form of punishment, being either grounding, or a slap on the bottom.

John said...

We have never spanked our kids - we have seen other parents who have engaged in a sort of arms race to control their kids - a gentle tap, a harder slap, a slap on the legs, a slipper, a ruler... You get the picture.

Instead our kids suffer - THE DISPLEASURE OF MUMMY. Nothing else comes close :-)

Princess of the Universe said...

Whenever I click on the next blog button I always end up with blogs in other languages. They might be really interesting- but I don't know Greek & Italian!

I was spanked as a child. As long as it doesn't cross the line to abusive, and is relatively infrequent, I don't think it's terrible.