Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I guess I'm just talking to the walls

I had an orientation at another hospital today. I will probably only work there once or twice a month, but my employer found it necessary to take in this day long snooze-fest.
First of all, there were two of us on this orientation. Judging by the huge folder of information they provided us, there were probably supposed to be about 10-20 others with us.
The lady would ask us about a certain pump. I said I am familiar with it, but then she would say "we'll just run through it quickly anyway."

She would then ask about certain medications. I said that I used these all the time on our ward, but again she would say "Just for a refresher..."

After lunch, this lady took us for a tour of the units that we will be working on. The staff did not give me a good vibe. They just looked us over from head to toe, and didn't say hello after I introduced myself. Oh well, I hope they like working double shifts....

Halfway through the tour, she stopped to go through some policies. I again said that these were province wide changes, and that they were the same at every hospital. I cringed as she said "Well, just in case something is different....."

This went on for eight agonizing hours. I never wanted my bed so bad in my life. I got home just after Ali, and made a nice supper for the two of us.
Tomorrow I go back to my native hospital, chaos and all. I wouldn't change it for the world.
All this, and we get to go to an 80's theme wedding this weekend. It should be fun!!


Logziella said...

I enjoy hearing about your work. I don't know any other doctors or nurses so this is interesting to me.

An 80's themed wedding...HOW FUN!!

John said...

Ah, that must have been awful for you having a day like that. A real waste of time.

An 80s wedding sounds like my idea of hell!

mike said...

woooo native hospitals are awesome!

sorry to hear about the orientation thing... I hate it when people treat me like that. "I know how to do that already."

"just in case something has changed..."