Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One more sleep...

Tomorrow is the big day. The first Blue Bomber game of the year.
The only downside to this? Visitors. My dad is coming in for the game. We have to clean up. Fast.
See Ali's blog for further details.
I'm excited to see my dad again. It's been a few weeks, and I like hanging out, just the two of us. When my uncle couldn't make the game, I quickly turned around and gave the extra tickets to a good friend of mine who will enjoy the game as well, so I did my good deed (off the clock) for the day. Also, I can sit with my pops instead of my friend.
It has been hot and humid here for the last few days. Every time I imagine being on vacation when it's cold here, I never remember the humidity. I hate humidity. The worst was when we went to the Bahamas one August, or Cuba in July. I hate that feeling when your clothes stick to you, and sweat runs into your eyes.
Good thing I don't live down South, because I would be cranky right now.
Speaking of being down South, a few of the Blue Bombers come from Georgia/Florida/Tennessee, etc. and know hot weather very well. I shake my head as they run around the field with sweatpants and toques on their heads. It is only 80 or 85 here after all.
By this time tomorrow, my throat will be sore, and my ears will be ringing. Geez, it's only the pre-season. I gotta pace myself.


Reggie said...

First, I long to go to Cuba, however being a United States citizen I am prohibited from traveling there. We have this strategy here in the US, that if Reggie doesn’t go there then Castro will mend his evil ways. How’s that working? Not too good. Castro has been in power all my life and time is wasting for both of us.

Okay humidity…you must embrace humidity as it engulfs your whole being. Slow down and feel it therapeutic healing powers. Yes I am serious. Let you muscles relax, feel your skin moisten, breath deeply the moist and soothing air through your nostrils and pulling the air deep into you dry moisture starved body.

It’s okay to perspire, wear loose clothing and embrace your body’s reaction to the humid air. Your body is just doing what it is programmed to do. You can shower later.

Honestly, we laugh at humidity because it there in the summer and there is nothing you can do about it if you are an outdoor lover like me. I came to terms with it years ago and really don’t mind it at all. It’s all about clothing and attitude.

Go Bombers! I now have a CFL team.

Logziella said...

You sound like a cute little boy when you talk about The Bombers and your Dad. I absolutely love it!

Ok Reggie- you have inspired me to attempt to embrace humidity. I am one of those haters of humidity but reading your comment has challenged me to a new perspective. Let's see...mind over matter right? :0)

Chris said...

Just for you Reggie, I now have a 2nd favorite NFL team. Actually, I have always liked the Panthers, and I have the first jersey to prove it. Sadly, it's now Ali's sleepwear, but I digress....

Logziella - That's easily one of my favorite things in life - football games with my dad.

krista said...

mmmmmm. humidity. warmth. ahhhhh. I obviously live in the wrong place. I'm finally warm (well...not RIGHT now...I'm in my air conditioned office and my feet are cold). But I was warm on the drive here!

John said...

It is hot and humid in my office right now and I love it. Just give me heat and I am happy.

mike said...

Heard our main boys weren't starting at all on Thursday... hope you and your pop had fun regardless.

Stay cool!