Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What part of "we'll get back to you" don't they understand?

Our answering machine clearly states the above message. We'll get back to you. So, why do people insist on calling again and again, never leaving messages, or leaving the SAME messages over and over again?
This is another one of my pet peeves. And now it's worse, due to the fact that we call caller ID on our phone/TV, so I see the same numbers repeating themselves. Of course, whenever I try calling them, it gives me a message stating that it is a calling centre, and they cannot be reached at that number.
When I finally do talk to these people, I usually cut them off during their sales pitch, but then they just skip down to the part of the script where they have a counter offer, or a lower interest rate.
This is when I wish we had video phones. One simple hand gesture, and the people would know how I felt.
On a side note, I have just bought Ali her birthday gift(s).
I think she'll be happy. I must say I actually enjoyed shopping today. It's rare, and I'm sure the feeling will pass, but so far I've had a fun day. I watched the Bombers practice, went shopping, listened to some good music, and then came home to the same 3 phone calls.


Alicia said...

I'm the only person in America not on the DO NOT CALL list, so I'm an easy target for telemarketers.
I just don't like when they get angry at ME for not wanting to buy their product...

If the product was SOOO awesome, why couldn't it be sold in a store?
Better yet, if it was such an awesome product I'd probably already heard of it and bought it myself.

Oh, Hi.
I'm Alicia.

Reggie said...

I forgot Ali's birthday is coming up. Duh! A Gemini?

I remember calling Zig and Ali last February. We mainly just giggled at each other.

Shame you weren't there.

Princess of the Universe said...

Uhhh, so does that mean I should stop calling you guys? It's only 10 or 12 times a day...

Sometimes I just really want to hear your voices :P

John said...

We have got sales calls from inside the UK blocked - that just means we get calls from India instead, usually from someone whose English is so limited that they cannot understand your reply.

geetha bored to stupidity said...

hi chris,

u unfortunately are a victim of insecurity in others. besides u probably haven't come across a few people who don't really call back..
i agree it can be quite a pain putting up with such a bunch of neurotics. :-)
but i've gotta admit i myself belong to that bunch

Logziella said...

I AM impressed Chris! You shopped for Ali's birthday presents EARLY and not the day before or the day of her birthday!! Wow...you are one heck of a guy!