Monday, April 12, 2010

This blog has become my "red headed stepchild"

Neglected, and not loved as much as the others....

With F.acebook and T.witter growing more popular each day, my blog has taken a back (back) seat.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the weekend. I went out with a group of friends to Rumor's comedy club, and saw Bobcat Goldthwait. He is still funny as hell!

I also got a sweet fishing trip from Ali (all expenses paid), a new reel, a video game from my daughter, and some cash. Not too shabby.

In other news today, there is a "big" press conference from the Blue Bombers today at 1 p.m.
I am praying to everything holy that we signed this QB named Buck Pierce, who, has been injury prone in the past, but deadly accurate when he's healthy. We would finally have a QB going into training camp!

I hope to keep in touch on a more regular basis. Bye for now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My wishlist (wishful thinking?)

I would love to take a road trip this summer with Ali and Ellery. I would love to head East to the coast, see Boston, the market, the seafood, then eventually end up in Charlotte, NC to visit Reggie and Gigi.

I would like to go to Denver this year at some point with my dad to see a Broncos game.

I would like to travel to Montreal with my best friend Mike to see a Canadiens game at the Bell Centre.

At this point, I'm desperate to go anywhere tropical. All of my co-workers and some family are going places this winter, whether it's Arizona, Mexico, Cuba, or Las Vegas. We need a vacation.

I am hoping to do my annual fishing trip with my FIL and brother in law (if he's working a summer job) in Sioux Lookout again. This has become a yearly tradition, and it seems to get better every year.

I am also hoping to hammer through these necessary course ASAP. It's hard to sit around and wait until they become available in the Fall.

I am hoping that we can spend some weekends at my parent's cabin. I'm excited to sit on the beach and build sandcastles with Ellery, and take her fishing.

As you see, there's a common theme to most of these - travel.

To end this post, I'll say that I really hope to win this week's Lotto Max at $50 million, so I can check each of these off my list once and for all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sports....why do men take it so seriously?

First off, congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl.
I'm sure 90% of the U.S.A was pulling for them to beat Indianapolis, and they got their wish.

It got a little tiresome, however, listening to EVERYONE say that this victory was for the city. That they had been through so much, and this was a little something to help the healing. I fully agree it is an amazing thing for the city, and if it helps bring them some joy, then I say why not...but we get it.

Men take their sport seriously. Whether it is soccer in the UK, NFL football in the US, or the CFL in Canada, we all support our home clubs with a passion that has been passed down from our grandfathers to our dads, and then to us.

However, there are a few things that still baffle me;

If a team finally ends a win less streaks after 70 or 80 years (i.e. Boston Red Sox), why do the fans gets cocky and arrogant? You've still only won 1 championship over your lifetime.

Why do some people riot at games? I get worked up at games too, but never want to curb stomp an opposing team's fan, no matter how annoying they can get.

Why do NFL teams get their owners to dance during the Super Bowl parade in their towns? I have yet to see any old white men with rhythm.

Why do some fans get depressed if their team loses? I get upset for about half an hour, then move on. The bottom line is there is only 1 happy team at the end of the year anyway.

It is now only a few months away, before I don my Blue Bomber jersey, fire up the grill, wave the flag, and cheer until I lose my voice.
I will cheer for my team with class, never any swearing or rude behaviour - just plain old fashioned fun. Unless I see a damn Riders fan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 random things (Borrowed from Wreggie)

I am afraid of working in high places. This didn't bode well when I was an Industrial electrician.

I have seen a roller coaster ride turn fatal.

A high school friend was hit and killed by a train. He was wearing one of my shirts, and the police came to my house the next day to tell my parents that it was me. I'll never forget the look on their face when I answered the door.

I have tried eating "Prairie oysters". AKA bull's testicles.

I have matching scars on both hands from a hacksaw slip up. Don't ask me how both hands were hurt...I have no idea.

I once got my ass kicked by a 1/2" drill on a job site. It ripped my pants, cut my finger, and bashed me in the side of the head.

The closest relative that I have that is somewhat famous, is a 3rd cousin who was a professional swimmer. He raced for team Canada, won numerous medals, and holds some speed records.

I once considered becoming a chef.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year, same resolutions?

Every year, people always have the same resolutions. Lose weight, quit smoking, and eat healthier.

I say I want to start smoking, eat even worse, and do no exercise whatsoever.
That way, when I don't do any of the above, I'll actually beat some resolutions.

I consider 2010( I say two thousand and ten by the way) to be a "staging area".
I will be taking some courses in preparation of going back to school in 2011. I'll gradually make the transition from part time student to full time, then reap the rewards once I've finished the hectic program.

With my current job rotation and schedule, it leaves no flexibility for other stuff, such as if Ali wants to upgrade or take another course. This is why I will probably look for a job with 8 hour days instead of the 12 hour shifts that I work now.

I have been sick for the last 2 days. I can't remember the last time I've vomited, and was thinking about that when I was violently ill on Friday morning. I was picturing the neighbors hearing me praying to the porcelain god, and thinking that I had waaaay to much to drink the night before. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as I didn't have a drop to drink.....
Truth be told, I was in bed before 11:30 and missed the countdown for the 10th consecutive year.
E has also been sick, so it's been a real fun smelling house here for the last few days. Poor Ali.

Speaking of E, it's incredible to listen to her talk. She repeats everything, and strings together sentences that make us laugh. She knows how to push our buttons, has little tantrums, and cuddles up with us the way we've always imagined. One of her favorite thing to do is give her toys a hug. It's to the point now where she'll hug her cup, her spoon, and even her own hand.
She loves singing, and one of her favorites is "Twinkle twinkle little star". She's going to be on Canadian Idol and win it all one day.

Christmas break was one big blur. I finished a night shift on Christmas eve, so we drove out to Ontario in a snow storm first thing in the morning. Christmas day was spent at the in laws, then we had a night at my parent's house. Before I knew it, I was on my way back to Winnipeg on Boxing day. I didn't even get to see my best friend at all.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, and a safe new year. Here's hoping 2010 will bring us lots of good things.

Monday, December 14, 2009

C'mon boy, jump through that hoop!

I'm in the process of applying for College again.

First, they want me to fill out an application, complete with transcripts and employment record.
No problem. Oh yeah, send a cheque for $60 along with it. I knew there was a catch....

Next, I find out everything was to their liking, and now I'm waiting to do a "Reading skills assessment test". Again, no problem. I've been speaking English for a few years now, and I live with a friggin' editor. I should nail this one. Oh yeah, send another $35.

After this is done, I'll find out if I'm accepted, only to send them many more payments and be dealt with a pile of stress for my effort. Ah, to be in high school again.

I'd like to see where my money actually goes, rather than them just telling me "it's for administrative costs".

Monday, December 7, 2009

An Internet bully? There's such a thing?

I've recently purchased a Playstation 3.
One of the great things about this system is the wireless Internet connection. It allows me to play multi - player games with people from around the globe.

I've always made fun of those guys who wear the headsets, co-ordinate attacks with their friends, and just take the game way too seriously.

Last night just further re-enforced my distaste for these nerds.
When these guys are wearing the Blue tooth headsets, you can hear everything they say in real time through the T.V.
As one game ended, one user who plays this game way too often (something like 5000 kills - whatever) was making comments on the new guy.

"What? 0-11? (Referring to no kills, and being killed 11 times)

"Is this guy serious? 0-11? What a waste of skin!"

"How is that possible? 0-11? Huh? Just give up man!"

I had to laugh. My lack of online gaming skills was actually causing this guy stress. He was livid.
You should have heard his reaction when I was placed on his team for the next session.....

Some people need to take a break and go outside for a while. Interact with females, move out their parent's basements. And relax when I accidentally shoot my own team mates... ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Falltime ramblings

It is staying unseasonably warm here. I love that the air is crisp in the evenings, but it warms up during the day, so much that you only need a sweater.

Ellery is sick with a fever, and she's a little more sluggish than usual, but we're watching her like a hawk, and she seems to be improving.

I have applied to go back to school. I figure 5 years away is enough, and if I don't get motivated now, it'll never happen for me. I'm nervous, but that will pass as soon as I get into the swing of things. FYI, I'm staying with nursing.

Ali and I are both working at our other jobs quite frequently. The extra money is nice, and it will come in handy during Christmas time.

I am entertained by Ellery more and more every day. She repeats everything, and her personality is a good mix of mine and Ali's. She has the best dance moves I've ever seen an 18 month have. It's interesting to think of what she will grow up to be. My money is on something where she can debate a lot - possibly politics.

I was trying to plan a trip down South to an NFL game again this year. I thought this would be a fun thing for my dad and I to do, but the timing was off for every game that I tried to attend.
Sometimes I think it would be nice not to work!

That's it in a nutshell. Talk to you later.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh no, it's the H1N1 shot!!!!

Yesterday, I waited in line for about 15 minutes and got the feared shot.
I figure I want to be covered to protect Ali and Ellery, and we do have a lot of patients that come from the higher risk areas of the province.

So many people are on the fence about this shot. The only issue that I have with this flu shot, is that it's not available without the preservative Thimerosal. This a derivative from mercury, and there haven't been sufficient scientific test done to show what effects this may have on kids from 6-35 months.

If we do decide to get Ellery immunized, I'd opt for the Thimerosal free one.

Aside form that, it was entertaining to watch some staff play up their reactions from the shot, varying from a sore arm, to sweating, nausea, or headache. I was talking with a friend of mine, and we said this would be such an easy way to squeeze a few extra sick days out of the system.
I for one, do not abuse my sick time, so I'll report for duty as any good employee would.
For the record, my arm is just slightly tender. Maybe I should stay home...;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The time of year when stuff begins to matter....

As October wraps her cold hands around our waists, this can only mean a few things;

A. Football season is winding up, and all teams (except Toronto ha ha ) are jockeying for playoff positions. I love going to the stadium when it's cooler out. This to me is true football weather for true football fans!

B. Shopping takes on a completely different meaning. For most of the year, I wonder around the malls, completely disinterested in the stores. As we tally up our Christmas lists, I begin to take notice in the shops as I carefully scout out potential gifts for my family.

C. Sweatpants and socks. Most of the year, neither one of these touch my legs. As the weather turns, I look forward to putting on my favorite pair of sweatpants as soon as I get in the door.
Now if only I can get Ellery to keep socks on her little feet......

D. Christmas day. Ellery is getting to be that age now where we can ask her if Santa is on his way. This should be fun!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shit....I can't wear that.

As I was walking through Wal-Mart last night, I decided that I should buy some chap stick for my lips. The weather is turning rather cold, and when I combine that with lots of cheering at football games, my lips become rather chapped.

I entered the chap stick/facial beauty isle, quickly scanned the products, and grabbed "cherry".

Great. Done.

When I got home, and actually looked at what I bought, it turns out it was a little more than "cherry".

It was "high gloss cherry, with a hint of pink".

Shit...I can't wear that.

I just goes to show you what a man reads, and what a label actually says.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's the big deal?!?!?

At my workplace, the staff are all required to share one washroom.

Add up the 7 nurses, 2 health care aides, numerous residents and other Doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, and any other allied health providers, and that equals quite a few trips to the can during a 12 hour shift.

It's funny watching people on the way to the washroom. If they're just going in for a, ahem, short visit, there's usually no problem.
But watching a person on their way to have a sit down rest, it's like watching Chuck Norris sneak up to Charlie's hut in Missing in Action 1 and 2.....

First, they look around. Next, they casually walk in the direction of the washroom. Then, when nobody is looking, they duck inside, ensuring to close both doors on the way.

Sometimes, if I time it just right, I'll try to enter the washroom just as somebody else is leaving. If they were in there for a while, their face turns red, and they bolt down the hall like they've just stolen an old lady's purse. After a few seconds, the stink hits you, and you know exactly why they were trying to outrun their shadow.

My question is this - What is the big deal? Everybody goes to the bathroom. The only time I'm embarrassed is when I know there's someone right outside the door and they usually try opening the door just as I let out a little excess air.

On to another subject. There are some people that I work with that actually try to flush paper towels. I don't know what these people are used to wiping with, but our paper towels are the equivalent of a fine sand paper - dipped in shards of glass.

Our toilet has been plugged numerous times. So many times in fact, that our manager actually had to post a sign in the washroom stating "No flushing paper towels". How stupid can some people be?

So, I'll end this little soap box with this little nugget (no pun intended). If you do have to use the facilities for a stinky sit down time out, please use the provided air freshener. The next person would appreciate it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hip Hip Hip Hip

I went to the Winnipeg Concert hall last night to see of my favorite bands, The Tragically Hip.

Just as they were finishing their set, somebody threw a drink from the upper level.
This showered us with an unknown alcohol plus the distinct smell of 7-up.

This was the breaking point for me. The free unwanted alcohol shower, coupled with the countless times that I had to move so people could do a beer run, my nerves were shot.
I went to enjoy a show, not move out of the way 100's of times, listening to the drunk idiots explain why they had to piss so badly or that they had a call on their phone.

I thank God that I wasn't as annoying as a young man. I hardly ever drank at concerts, plus my fear of pressing shoulder to shoulder with another guy in the urinals pretty much assures that I will not drink copious amounts of anything.

The only thing I am guilty of is bellowing out the words to every song, as excited as the first time I saw them play.

P.S. The count has now reached 10. I've vowed to see them 30 times before I leave this world, although watching them last night with a little more grey in their hair, and some beer guts starting to appear, I may make that number 20.

The Tragically Hip are one of the best bands that Canada has to offer. They are currently doing a tour of smaller venues. Be sure to check them out if they come to a city near you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Failed NFLers/rejects report here

Up here in Canada, our beloved football league consists of 8 team, spanning from British Columbia, all the way to Montreal Quebec.

This is an exciting league, with such all stars as Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, and the great Joe Thiesman playing parts of their careers here.

As some player from "the league" get in trouble down South, they find their way back into the NFL by playing here for a season or two until they are noticed, or their suspensions are served.
Ricky Williams, star RB of the Miami Dolphins, was suspended by the NFL for violating drug polices and bailing out on the team. He came here for a year, stunk it up, and ultimately got his call back to the NFL.

My beloved Blue Bombers have been rumored to sign disgruntled DB Adam "Pacman" Jones. I know he's a talent, but again, some of his off field antics (involved in shootings/assault charges) have over shadowed his play. After being traded by Tennessee to Dallas last year, he was released following the 2008 season.
He is scheduled to arrived by next week at the latest. If he can keep his ego in check, I welcome him with open arms. After all, our return game has been terrible thus far.

Also rumored to be in talks with the Bombers is former #2 pick Charles Rogers who stunk it up while in Detroit, never fulfilling his expectations. I think I'll pass on this one.

So, if anyone has any relatives or friends that have a football pedigree and are looking to renew their careers, have them forward their resumes to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Just be sure to attach an extra sticky note to the page if they're a quarterback.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sure signs of Fall...and some depressing stuff..then some happy stuff

The NFL season is about to start.

My Broncos look like a team is disarray, first trading away their cry baby Pro Bowl QB, now suspending their only good receiver Brandon Marshall. Again, I wish these whiny humans would actually have to try a real job for once, then they'd have something to cry about.....

My final week of holidays is fast approaching.
I'm taking a friend of mine fishing for a few days. He's had one hell of a shitty year on a personal level, so I think a few days of R & R are in order.
On that note, it has been a shitty year for a few people. My best friend Mike's dad suffered from a series of TIA's (small strokes) and has months of physiotherapy ahead of him. He is a strong man, one who has beaten cancer, so I know he'll pull through this as well.

Mike's wife also has had her share of drama on her side of the family too. She's currently dealing with Cancer in the family, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
I read somewhere that soon, 1 in 3 people will be touched by cancer. That sucks.

On a happier note, Ellery is growing like a weed. She's repeating everything now, and actually said her first cuss word. Ali was telling me a story, and she used the word "shit".
E heard this, and walked away repeating it several times. Ali and I looked at each other, and vowed to clean up our language around little ears now.

I'm in the final stages of planning my next tattoo. It's a simple thing in honor of Ellery.
I guess the full back piece of Chuck Norris will have to wait.

I have the itch to see another NFL game. I might ask my parents/in-laws to chip in and help cover the cost of me to go see a game in Denver as a Christmas gift. We'll see....

Hope you all have a good weekend.