Thursday, February 26, 2009

Randoms (What grind my gears pt. 2)

I'd like to know what makes people think that when they're walking towards you shoulder to shoulder, that you are the one that's supposed to move...

Why the guy who works in the Telus phone store in the mall thinks that it's necessary for him to sing show tunes out loud.

Why it's considered trashy if men wear sweat pants out in public, but women can wear them and it's okay. It is trashy, however, when women roll down their waist bands into a huge lump. That's not sexy, it looks like you're wearing a diaper.

Speaking of sweats, who thought it would be cool to put writing on the ass? "Juicy" or "Princess" is one thing....."University of Winnipeg" means that your ass is too big.

Why do people insist on putting their cells phones on speakerphone while driving? I think they are pretending that they are using walkie talkies...

Watching celebrities on an infomercial, pleading for your donations, then showing that the actor has been compensated in the ending credits really pisses me off.

I'm getting tired of calling people's bluffs with these "You've won a free vacation" phone calls. If it's free, why the hell do you need my credit card number?

Why can't people just know when I'm trying to change lanes while driving? I could use the blinker, but it's too far away. My look in the mirror should make things very clear. ;)

If a person tries to add me as a friend on facebook, and I've rejected 15 times, take the fucking hint.

Just some things to think about before a nice weekend break. Have a good one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Summertime fun

It appears that I'll get some prime holidays again this year.

During my entire 5 year career at the hospital, I have been lucky enough to get some holidays during the warmer months. This year is no different.

I'm planning on taking a week off in May, so I can enjoy my daughter's first birthday.

After that, I'll do my annual fishing trip with the father in law and brother in law.

A week in August to enjoy some camping, and finally the week of football that matters the most - the rematch game after Labour day in September.

I can't complain. There are people that have many more years of seniority, and aren't able to take time off until September or November. Life is good.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bear sighting

One of my favorite shows on T.V. these days, is a show called "Man vs. Wild".
This stars an ex SAS soldier named Bear (Edward) Grylls who shows you how to survive in the elements, ranging from the Sahara desert to the Canadian Northwest.

I've always enjoyed survival themed shows, but this guy is as hard core as they come.
In previous episodes, I've watched him disembowel a camel to find water, eat live snakes and scorpions, and make shelters and fire while suspended twenty feet in the air between trees.

One of the neatest parts of the show is how he gets to each location. He talks to the camera while he is flying out to the wilderness, then jumps out of the plane/helicopter, free falls for a while, then deploys his parachute.

I once watched another documentary on this guy where he joined the French foreign Legion - just for fun.
Of course he completed the training, and is now a white cap owning member of the Legion.

If you're ever stuck for programming, switch to the Discovery channel and give this show a try.
I bet you'll like him a little too.

Even Ellery has caught Bear fever. One of her little toys is a yellow bear which, we of course, named Bear Grylls.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm all for brushing your teeth, but....

I pulled into a Domo gas bar today to fill up my tank.
It's a small Manitoba chain with the motto "We jump to the pump for you".

I noticed that as the guy was walking out to fill my tank, he had a toothbrush in his hand.
I rolled down the window and asked him to fill it up.

His response, as he continued to brush his teeth?
"Sure, no problem", followed by him spitting his toothpaste onto the ground.

My question is what was he eating that warranted him to immediately brush his teeth afterwards?
I think he could have waited the two minutes until I was gone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can't you just shut up?

On tonight's newscast, there was a segment about people putting out road side memorials in tribute to a loved one.
An old man was interviewed, and was complaining that it was up too long, and he wants the city to take it down.
This had come up a while ago, and a girl fought the city when they asked her to remove a memorial to her uncle who was killed as he was working on a city street. City officials gave her a deadline of 2 months, while she argued that it should remain for at least 6 months.

I'm all for road side memorials. Who are they bothering? Maybe if you happen to live on a street, and an accident happened in front of your house, you would get a little tired of the people coming around. Suck it up. What would you do if it were your family?

The next segment featured a woman fighting a speeding ticket that she had received while speeding through a construction zone. A recent ruling had a judge throw out 9 tickets, because the signs only specified "Slow down while there are workers present."
Evidently, there were no workers around that day. Regardless, it was still designated as a zone where you need to adjust you driving conditions to remain safe.

It appears that people just aren't happy unless they are bitching about all the small things.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dude....change your shoes!

As I was entering the hospital for work yesterday, I heard the distinct clicking of high heels coming down the hallway.
My brain said "This is a woman coming. Those are high heels that you hear".

Just as I approached the intersection in the hallway, one of the plastic surgery residents that I work with came strolling by, dressed in a nice suit and dress shoes.

Men, never wear shoes that click on hard floors. You just might cause my brain to explode next time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Various childhood memories

I would like my special power to be the ability to stop time.
I have always thought this would be handy. You see a crime in progress, just stop time and walk over and beat the guy silly.

Either that, or have the ability to completely empty a body of water. This would be cool to see all the crap that has accumulated on the bottom over the years, especially in the Hudson River in NY.
All the bodies, guns, and vehicles would make me rich.
When I was a kid, I often thought of being able to empty lakes, so that I could walk across and pick up the biggest fish. Laziness at it's best!

Also, when I was on long road trips, I would pretend that the knob on the window handle was a remote control to a high speed airplane. As I would look out the window, I would picture the plane flying under signs, through ditches, and of course, if I pushed the button, it would become a 4 X4 car with huge tires.

When I laid in bed as a kid, I imagined that if I closed my eyes, evil things could not see me. I figured that this gave me too big of an advantage to the bad guys, so I compromised. If I had one eye open and one eye closed, bad guys could still see me, but I was like a hologram. That, and I couldn't see them back.
If I closed my eyes, it would have a 3 second delay, so I could still technically be killed even though my eyes were closed.

And, before you ask, yes I did eat glue as a kid.