Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I finally get to go golfing today.
I'm going with a couple of friends that Ali used to work with. I just hope we don't get that awkward fourth person joining our group. It's always more fun joking around with your buddies when you don't have to worry about offending the strange guy who golfs alone.
My car gave me a scare today. As I was on the way to the Stadium, it kind of heaved, and sputtered. I quickly turned off the main road onto a quieter side road. Just as I turned to head towards home, my car stalled. The funny thing is, I hardly reacted. I picked up my cell phone, called Ali, and told her my car died. Again.
I called CAA (AAA in U.S.A.) and requested a tow. They told me that this was the last free tow on my account, and that they'd be there in an hour or so. I turned the key again just for fun, and whaddaya know? It started.
Here's my new dilemma. Do I chance driving it to the garage, or wait for CAA to get me, knowing full well that I have used my last of the towing privileges?
I'm a risk taker, so I put on my four way flashers, turned my car around, and proceeded to slowly blow through every STOP sign that I came across. I was a man on a mission. Of course, all the way there, the car ran fine. I pulled up to the garage, called Ali again, then headed for the nearest gas station. A full tank of gas and some fuel injector cleaner later, the car is still going.
Like a true die-hard fan, I continued to drive to the Stadium to watch the Bombers practice. As I was there, my worries all melted away. Now I'm just excited for the season to start.
Other than that, not much has happened today. I have plans to go see "28 Weeks Later" later this week, but I can't bring myself to call it a "date" if it's with another guy that Ali works with. Yet another thing that women can get away with, and something that men just never call pull off. Men just say "I'm going to the show with ......" and that's it.
Gotta go soon. I have to get ready for my golf mean Tee time.


Reggie said...

When paired with a stranger in golf I always ask, "I assume you're not an ass-hole, because I don't like to play with ass-holes."

If they are an ass-hole they will act nice and I can enjoy my game.

Or they may say, "hell no I ain't an ass-hole" and share a flask and jokes with you.

Once I said this to a pastor and it didn't go over well but we played anyway.

When does the regular season begin? Our NFL is in a 4 week summer camp now.

Chris said...

That's hilarious!!
I can't believe you just ask them if they're assholes.

Regular season starts July 5 against the Montreal Alouettes. Big rivalry.

Sorry to hear of Keyshawn's demise.
P.S. Steve Smith won me mega points in last year's NFL pool!!

Biby Cletus said...

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Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

krista said...

I'm sorry about your car Chris. I know how you feel. My old car was like that. I eventually ended up ALWAYS driving in the right hand lane so I could pull over (or push the car over) quickly and with the least amount of embaressment. Everytime the car made a weird noise Alyssa would ask "Mommy, are we going to have to walk home again?". That was about the time I gave up on the car thing and started taking the bus.