Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Failed NFLers/rejects report here

Up here in Canada, our beloved football league consists of 8 team, spanning from British Columbia, all the way to Montreal Quebec.

This is an exciting league, with such all stars as Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, and the great Joe Thiesman playing parts of their careers here.

As some player from "the league" get in trouble down South, they find their way back into the NFL by playing here for a season or two until they are noticed, or their suspensions are served.
Ricky Williams, star RB of the Miami Dolphins, was suspended by the NFL for violating drug polices and bailing out on the team. He came here for a year, stunk it up, and ultimately got his call back to the NFL.

My beloved Blue Bombers have been rumored to sign disgruntled DB Adam "Pacman" Jones. I know he's a talent, but again, some of his off field antics (involved in shootings/assault charges) have over shadowed his play. After being traded by Tennessee to Dallas last year, he was released following the 2008 season.
He is scheduled to arrived by next week at the latest. If he can keep his ego in check, I welcome him with open arms. After all, our return game has been terrible thus far.

Also rumored to be in talks with the Bombers is former #2 pick Charles Rogers who stunk it up while in Detroit, never fulfilling his expectations. I think I'll pass on this one.

So, if anyone has any relatives or friends that have a football pedigree and are looking to renew their careers, have them forward their resumes to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Just be sure to attach an extra sticky note to the page if they're a quarterback.


Rock Chef said...

I can't throw or catch - think I will stay away somehow.

Hope the season picks up for you!

Jay Gray said...

I saw these news and thought about you...

mikedup.tumblr.com said...

I'll put my name in tomorrow.