Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sports....why do men take it so seriously?

First off, congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl.
I'm sure 90% of the U.S.A was pulling for them to beat Indianapolis, and they got their wish.

It got a little tiresome, however, listening to EVERYONE say that this victory was for the city. That they had been through so much, and this was a little something to help the healing. I fully agree it is an amazing thing for the city, and if it helps bring them some joy, then I say why not...but we get it.

Men take their sport seriously. Whether it is soccer in the UK, NFL football in the US, or the CFL in Canada, we all support our home clubs with a passion that has been passed down from our grandfathers to our dads, and then to us.

However, there are a few things that still baffle me;

If a team finally ends a win less streaks after 70 or 80 years (i.e. Boston Red Sox), why do the fans gets cocky and arrogant? You've still only won 1 championship over your lifetime.

Why do some people riot at games? I get worked up at games too, but never want to curb stomp an opposing team's fan, no matter how annoying they can get.

Why do NFL teams get their owners to dance during the Super Bowl parade in their towns? I have yet to see any old white men with rhythm.

Why do some fans get depressed if their team loses? I get upset for about half an hour, then move on. The bottom line is there is only 1 happy team at the end of the year anyway.

It is now only a few months away, before I don my Blue Bomber jersey, fire up the grill, wave the flag, and cheer until I lose my voice.
I will cheer for my team with class, never any swearing or rude behaviour - just plain old fashioned fun. Unless I see a damn Riders fan.

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Rock Chef said...

Well this year we have another World Cup - which means England fans getting all worked up with the Cross of St George everywhere - cars, houses, vans, t-shirts, faces, etc, etc.

They will drink and cheer when we beat the no-hoper teams, convincing themselves that we are going to win again.

But then we will meet a team that can actually play, and get trashed. Then things get nasty, the flags vanish over-night and everyone is depressed...

Bah! I hate it all with a passion! Might see about timing the camping trips so we miss most of it!