Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 random things (Borrowed from Wreggie)

I am afraid of working in high places. This didn't bode well when I was an Industrial electrician.

I have seen a roller coaster ride turn fatal.

A high school friend was hit and killed by a train. He was wearing one of my shirts, and the police came to my house the next day to tell my parents that it was me. I'll never forget the look on their face when I answered the door.

I have tried eating "Prairie oysters". AKA bull's testicles.

I have matching scars on both hands from a hacksaw slip up. Don't ask me how both hands were hurt...I have no idea.

I once got my ass kicked by a 1/2" drill on a job site. It ripped my pants, cut my finger, and bashed me in the side of the head.

The closest relative that I have that is somewhat famous, is a 3rd cousin who was a professional swimmer. He raced for team Canada, won numerous medals, and holds some speed records.

I once considered becoming a chef.


Wreggie said...

Drills have torque. That explains the masterful job you did cutting the onions in my kitchen.

Chris said...

I'm lucky I didn't cut both of my hands.

Rock Chef said...

I have a distant relative who used to host a TV quiz show, and another who is an actress. I have never met either.