Monday, November 16, 2009

Falltime ramblings

It is staying unseasonably warm here. I love that the air is crisp in the evenings, but it warms up during the day, so much that you only need a sweater.

Ellery is sick with a fever, and she's a little more sluggish than usual, but we're watching her like a hawk, and she seems to be improving.

I have applied to go back to school. I figure 5 years away is enough, and if I don't get motivated now, it'll never happen for me. I'm nervous, but that will pass as soon as I get into the swing of things. FYI, I'm staying with nursing.

Ali and I are both working at our other jobs quite frequently. The extra money is nice, and it will come in handy during Christmas time.

I am entertained by Ellery more and more every day. She repeats everything, and her personality is a good mix of mine and Ali's. She has the best dance moves I've ever seen an 18 month have. It's interesting to think of what she will grow up to be. My money is on something where she can debate a lot - possibly politics.

I was trying to plan a trip down South to an NFL game again this year. I thought this would be a fun thing for my dad and I to do, but the timing was off for every game that I tried to attend.
Sometimes I think it would be nice not to work!

That's it in a nutshell. Talk to you later.

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Rock Chef said...

Hope E is better soon - I hate it when they are ill.

Good luck with school! Get in while you are still young, it is a real strain on the brain at my age! Enjoyable, but a strain.