Thursday, February 25, 2010

My wishlist (wishful thinking?)

I would love to take a road trip this summer with Ali and Ellery. I would love to head East to the coast, see Boston, the market, the seafood, then eventually end up in Charlotte, NC to visit Reggie and Gigi.

I would like to go to Denver this year at some point with my dad to see a Broncos game.

I would like to travel to Montreal with my best friend Mike to see a Canadiens game at the Bell Centre.

At this point, I'm desperate to go anywhere tropical. All of my co-workers and some family are going places this winter, whether it's Arizona, Mexico, Cuba, or Las Vegas. We need a vacation.

I am hoping to do my annual fishing trip with my FIL and brother in law (if he's working a summer job) in Sioux Lookout again. This has become a yearly tradition, and it seems to get better every year.

I am also hoping to hammer through these necessary course ASAP. It's hard to sit around and wait until they become available in the Fall.

I am hoping that we can spend some weekends at my parent's cabin. I'm excited to sit on the beach and build sandcastles with Ellery, and take her fishing.

As you see, there's a common theme to most of these - travel.

To end this post, I'll say that I really hope to win this week's Lotto Max at $50 million, so I can check each of these off my list once and for all.


Wreggie said...

Ah Charlotte. Once here I would drag you around to new and great places.

Rock Chef said...

Well if you win that lottery jackpot, I hope you pay a visit to little old England! I know a place that is just the best for sand castles!

mike said...

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller!

We're hoping for the max too...