Monday, December 14, 2009

C'mon boy, jump through that hoop!

I'm in the process of applying for College again.

First, they want me to fill out an application, complete with transcripts and employment record.
No problem. Oh yeah, send a cheque for $60 along with it. I knew there was a catch....

Next, I find out everything was to their liking, and now I'm waiting to do a "Reading skills assessment test". Again, no problem. I've been speaking English for a few years now, and I live with a friggin' editor. I should nail this one. Oh yeah, send another $35.

After this is done, I'll find out if I'm accepted, only to send them many more payments and be dealt with a pile of stress for my effort. Ah, to be in high school again.

I'd like to see where my money actually goes, rather than them just telling me "it's for administrative costs".

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Rock Chef said...

Wow, you have to pay that just to get in? At least over here they hold the fees until you are actually in a class - then they suck you dry...