Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's the big deal?!?!?

At my workplace, the staff are all required to share one washroom.

Add up the 7 nurses, 2 health care aides, numerous residents and other Doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, and any other allied health providers, and that equals quite a few trips to the can during a 12 hour shift.

It's funny watching people on the way to the washroom. If they're just going in for a, ahem, short visit, there's usually no problem.
But watching a person on their way to have a sit down rest, it's like watching Chuck Norris sneak up to Charlie's hut in Missing in Action 1 and 2.....

First, they look around. Next, they casually walk in the direction of the washroom. Then, when nobody is looking, they duck inside, ensuring to close both doors on the way.

Sometimes, if I time it just right, I'll try to enter the washroom just as somebody else is leaving. If they were in there for a while, their face turns red, and they bolt down the hall like they've just stolen an old lady's purse. After a few seconds, the stink hits you, and you know exactly why they were trying to outrun their shadow.

My question is this - What is the big deal? Everybody goes to the bathroom. The only time I'm embarrassed is when I know there's someone right outside the door and they usually try opening the door just as I let out a little excess air.

On to another subject. There are some people that I work with that actually try to flush paper towels. I don't know what these people are used to wiping with, but our paper towels are the equivalent of a fine sand paper - dipped in shards of glass.

Our toilet has been plugged numerous times. So many times in fact, that our manager actually had to post a sign in the washroom stating "No flushing paper towels". How stupid can some people be?

So, I'll end this little soap box with this little nugget (no pun intended). If you do have to use the facilities for a stinky sit down time out, please use the provided air freshener. The next person would appreciate it.

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Rock Chef said...

I feel sorry for anyone who used out toilets earlier today. There were 2 of us in there at once - Monday mornings are always bad...