Monday, December 7, 2009

An Internet bully? There's such a thing?

I've recently purchased a Playstation 3.
One of the great things about this system is the wireless Internet connection. It allows me to play multi - player games with people from around the globe.

I've always made fun of those guys who wear the headsets, co-ordinate attacks with their friends, and just take the game way too seriously.

Last night just further re-enforced my distaste for these nerds.
When these guys are wearing the Blue tooth headsets, you can hear everything they say in real time through the T.V.
As one game ended, one user who plays this game way too often (something like 5000 kills - whatever) was making comments on the new guy.

"What? 0-11? (Referring to no kills, and being killed 11 times)

"Is this guy serious? 0-11? What a waste of skin!"

"How is that possible? 0-11? Huh? Just give up man!"

I had to laugh. My lack of online gaming skills was actually causing this guy stress. He was livid.
You should have heard his reaction when I was placed on his team for the next session.....

Some people need to take a break and go outside for a while. Interact with females, move out their parent's basements. And relax when I accidentally shoot my own team mates... ;)


Rock Chef said...

Yeah, I think you should "accidentally" frag this guy a few times to teach him a sense of humour!

mike said...

0 - 11, you suck you waste of skin!