Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Men's Union - local 126

I'm starting a Men's Union. One where we get rights, have support from each other when we need it, and have a place where we can develop a grieving process when our significant others have a complaint against us.
It seems that I have missed the boat on something. Ali has posted on how men are daft. This is a post on how vague women are. They think we should know something, but to actually say it is like pulling teeth. They quickly throw the "you should know what I'm thinking all the time" line in our faces. Men never do this. We have something on our mind, we say it. Of course with me, it takes a little prodding, but when I do start, it's hard to stop.
Too many times my fellow brothers, have we sat here as a collective group, and taken these verbal jabs in stride. This is why I propose the "I didn't know" jar. It's similar to a swear jar, but anytime your girlfriend/wife asks something the we should know and say I don't know, we put in a dollar.
On the contrary, whenever a girlfriend/wife says "you should know what I'm thinking" they put in a dollar.
Can I get an Amen!?!?!

On another note, my car is scrapped again. That's right, after a repair bill larger than my car's value, it has stopped running - again.
You think I almost lost it the first time? Ha. That was child's play. I had all the same fuel in the fire as before, but now I had a $600 repair bill to top it all off.

Back to the subject at hand. I want all brothers in blog world to extend their right hand, and repeat the following:

"I vow to work hard to understand my wife/girlfriend. I vow to understand that look from now on, and I vow to stop being so selfish (most of the time). I vow to be proud when I say you were right, and I was wrong. I also vow to say that at least once a month. I vow to give credit where credit is due. You are the boss of everything. I love you."

Men's union inaugural meeting now adjourned. Go in peace to love and serve the wife.


Ali said...

Ahem...first off - when have I EVER said "you should know what I'm thinking all the time"? Oh that's right - never.
Do I admit to you that sometimes I am vague about things when I think you should just know them? Yes.
Is getting something out of you like beating my head against a brick wall? Yes.
Do I think you SHOULD know what I'm talking about - at least once in a while? Yes.
Am I the boss of everything? Pretty much - but that's just because I have more common sense.
Do I love you? Yep.
Did this blog make me laugh? Yep.

mike said...

Tough break on Biff... that really sucks!

As for the rest of this entry. Here is my opinion *takes a deep breath*

*runs away*