Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So, uh, what else is new?

I am finished work for a few days. My parents are coming into town, so I can hang out with my pops, and take my mom out shopping - well not shopping, but be her chauffeur.
I received a letter in the mail today from our local insurance dealer stating that my old work car, lovingly referred to as "Biff", is a high theft risk, and therefore entitled to a free immobilizer.
This is something new in Manitoba. They ( our insurance provider) have come up with a "top 100" list of the most popular stolen cars, and if yours was on it, you could get this free immobilizer.
Here's the thing - my car is hardly worth stealing. It's mechanically sound, but rusty, and hardly the "looker" that our other car is....even with me having the windows down, and singing songs with my hair blowing in the wind. (Wink)
I guess I'll get the immobilizer put in, but God help these kids if I catch 'em.
It looks like I might be able to go fishing this May long weekend after all. My buddy ( who I thought was ignoring me) had a baby, so I guess he's excused.
I have wanted to head out on that annual fishing trip for years, and it now seems possible.
I was supposed to go camping with my best friend and his girlie, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea - what with it being cold and expensive. We gotta pinch our pennies for other things right now. I promise Mike and Irene, we'll go out sometime this year!!
Three weeks until training camp. That means my Bomber jerseys will get some use, starting tonight. I now know how a Woman feels when she gets to wear a new skirt or those cute sandals...
Other than that, my bathroom is sparkling for my parents, and my hands smell like bathroom cleaner, and Ali and I are starving. Gotta get some food. Right after I re-wash my hands.


Ali said...

Baby, you look just as cute in Biff with your "hawk" blowing in the wind as any cute girl with long flowing locks. ;)

John said...

You 2 really must get your food shopping under control. The number of times I have read that you are hungry and have no food in the house is terrible!

mike said...

I understand all about pinching pennies...

There'll be plenty of time for camping, no worries... the girlie and I plan on camping a lot this summer.