Friday, May 11, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend!!!

As everyone heads out to the lake or river this weekend, I'm going to be trapped indoors.
It's been cool here, and it's supposed to rain, so I guess that softens the blow. I'll get my fun in next weekend though. I've already set up the fishing date.
I've convinced Ali to stay home this weekend too. There's something unsettling about being in bed alone, although we would both equally enjoy some peace and quiet, as I wouldn't bother anyone by snoring.
That's one of my side effects from surgery. I snore now, and apparently, it's more often than not.
On that note, what do you dislike about yourself? Is this something that drives just you crazy, or your significant other as well?

Other things I don't like about me are:

-my feet
-my temper
-my distaste for tomatoes. They never did anything to me...

I know these just bother me, 'cause Ali loves ALL of them. ;)


Ali said...

Well I like your feet, and I hate tomatoes too - but that temper! I don't like that very much.
Hmmm, about me...I don't like my upturned nose, I hate that I'm too lazy to keep the house sparkling, and I procrastinate WAY too much.

Logziella said...

I hate my feet too! And my teeth and my nose and my rear end and my stretch marks and...oh I could go on and on forever!!!

Reggie said...

Please elaborate on the feet and temper.

I can understand tomatoes but you can't do much about your feet.

I am very slow to anger but get irrationally angry when I do blow my top. That is a bad idea for a small fellow. It has caused me to loose a job once.

Chris said...

I got a fungal nail on my foot from the military, and I fly off the handle way to easily...

mike said...

much like you, I'd say my temper too... my big ears, the loose skin around my belly and ummm could do with a little less body hair. lol

John said...

I get very irritable when hungry - so I eat lots!