Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend update

I went to visit my parents over the weekend. I brought my golf clubs along, so of course Mother Nature had to put her foot down and turn the weather bad. It was cloudy, and very windy all weekend.
This was one of the first times I've actually visited with my parents. Usually when Ali and I go "home" one or both of my parents are working. They were both off Saturday, so I took advantage of the time and just hung out with them.
Today I woke up to the annoying sound of wind chimes. I usually don't mind ONE set, but my mom has about twenty different sets scattered around the yard. Pair that with the wind that could peel the paint off a building, and you've got yourself a party. I'm talking eight hours of steady chiming and clanging....
After having breakfast with my dad over in Minnesota, he wanted to show me a car that was on display in front of one of the local gas stations. It was a black Mustang with silver racing stripes down the center. This was no ordinary Mustang though. It was the limited edition Shelby Mustang. I now remember the feeling that kids get when they peer into a pet store window or a candy shop. We both just pressed our faces against the glass and drooled. I think we both even started the conversation by saying "If I ever won Power ball...."
Even then I can't let my fantasies go interrupted. I started saying to myself "$47 000 American dollars would be a good down payment on a house" or "That's too much horsepower" or "With the price of gas nowadays...".
I should have just let my imagination go. Sometimes I hate being an adult.

P.S. I don't wanna get up for work tomorrow. Hmph.


mr zig said...

that last word on your post sounds an awful lot like an "ali-pout"

Logziella said...

Adulthood sucks! most of the time anyway...:0)

You still sound like a kid at heart!