Thursday, May 24, 2007

8 things about me

This comes from being tagged from Ali and John.

1. I have a bad habit of twisting my kleenex to blow my nose, and this drives Ali crazy.

2. I have a fear of reefs in the lake. They are so intimidating, just lying there under the water, waiting for an unsuspecting boat to hit them. I also hate weeds in the lake, especially when you're tubing or water skiing and wipe out in the middle of them.

3. I was asked to be best man in my best friend's wedding next year, and I'm actually very nervous about my speech which I'm going to deliver. He's like a brother to me, so it has to be perfect.

4. I was class clown in highschool, and was constantly fooling around during class. I think I was also voted most likely to become a movie star, which, sadly didn't pan out.

5. I would drive all across Canada and the U.S. to see my favorite band, The Tragically Hip.

6. I can do anything at the drop of a hat. My friend and I used to pack a toothbrush, and go tubing for the weekend, sleeping in the car, and eating raw hot dogs. Of course we were in Minnesota, so we had to drink a lot of beer to feel the effects.

7. I was in the Military just out of highschool, and I would probably re-enlist if my wife let me. I would like to be a medic, but would hate to move around so much. I'd like to stay in Canada, but that wouldn't happen.

8. I would like to visit each state across the U.S.A. I've been to Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, the Carolinas, Iowa, and Idaho. The idea of putting a pin in each state visited is kind of cool.

There you have it. I thought that would have been more difficult.


Reggie said...

Oh yeah, the Carolinas? Which one, North or South?

Chris said...

I'm thinking it was North Carolina.

I saw a lot of Tarheels logos.
Did you know Michael Jordan wore his NC shorts under his NBA shorts his entire career?

Princess of the Universe said...

I had to a speech at a wedding a few years ago. I was so nervous I couldn't eat until the dessert course when my turn was over.
Good luck!

John said...

I think your fears about reefs and weeds are very sensible!

I like the idea of visiting each state - I once met a guy in hospital who had visited every single inhabited island in the UK - and that is a LOT of islands!

Good luck with the speech - no Four Weddings speeches please!

mike said...

I know exactly how you feel Chris. This one time I had to write a speech for my best friend who coincidentally is like a brother to me too... anyway, I had no complaints about the speech and I doubt you will either!