Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's a regular sausage-fest in here!!!!!

After work this evening, I decided to BBQ some Pioneer sausage. These are a Manitoba treat very popular in the Mennonite communities. This is pork sausage at it's best, and, of course, while I was eating it, Ali was gagging endlessly.
There's something about these little buggers that just screams summer to me. They have a distinct smell when cooking, and I have flashbacks of when I was younger and my mom would cook them.
If you ever come to Manitoba, you have to try these along with some squeaky cheese.
Plus, I bet these would go along great with some of Gigi's biscuits.

Aside from that, I just relaxed and watched Canada's last hope of bringing the Stanley Cup back North (Ottawa Senators) beat New Jersey. Speaking of NJ, there's one place nobody ever says they want to move to. I guess they call it "the swamp" for a reason.
Goodnight my friends, and if there is anyone from NJ who reads this, I was just kidding. I live in the mosquito capital of the world, remember?

That reminds me. There's a stupid "joke gift" that they sell around here to tourists. It is a little tiny bear trap the size of a quarter and the packaging says "authentic Manitoba mosquito trap."
Do people buy this crap? It's almost as embarrassing as the T-shirts with every single animal indigenous to Canada on them. Tacky junk at it's best.


John said...

T-shirts? Mosquito traps? Must get some when I visit!

And those sausages look great...

Logziella said...

Everyone should post about their citie's tourist trap crap.

Michigan's is fudge. Fudge is good and all but I don't think 'our' fudge is better than anyone else's fudge...

Oh well, it's all fun!

John said...

Tourist crap! Great idea, Logzie! Canterbury is full of it!

mike said...

ah shit... I didn't even get a receipt. Should have checked your blog first... I'm so embarrassed.

Going home this weekend... I'll call you tonight to see what's what.