Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm back, and I'm ringin' the bell..

Title taken from a rapper wanna-be, Vanilla Ice.
The week was good, we had a huge storm on Monday night, then Tuesday and Wednesday were kind of cold and cloudy as well. We managed to catch lots of big fish on the last day, and, as usual, it was sunny and warm the day we left.
Ali and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday, and we hung out at both of our parent's houses throughout the day.
I am now back in Winnipeg, heading to work tonight, then enjoying a few more days off this week.

Quick update - Winnipeg Blue Bombers are 1st place in the Eastern division after a thrilling OT tie in Edmonton . WOOO!!
We now have 1 single point.

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John said...

Vanilla Ice? You git! I am now going to be humming "Ice ice baby" all day!