Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday night lights

Tomorrow is Friday. Around here, this means a Blue Bomber game. My dad will be making the trip here from Ontario, and we'll head down to the stadium early.
I love game day. Seeing people walking around in their jerseys, waving flags, and honking at each other as they excitedly make their merry way down to the stadium just gets me so happy.
Enough of that, I know I've already told you before about the whole CFL experience....
I now have two Bombers flags which I fly proudly from my car. The one is quite large, and to be honest with you, it hurts my arms after holding it in the air for a while.

Tonight will consist of me cooking a BBQ chicken, watching another CFL game on T.V., drinking a Corona or two, driving Ali to her girl date, then relaxing for the night. I'm very much liking the idea of sleeping in tomorrow. I have been up at 5:40 a.m. the past few days, and gotta say, that's just a tad too early for me.

I just hope I forget it's game day tomorrow. Ah, who am I kidding, I'll probably sleep in my jersey tonight....

Go Blue!!


Reggie said...

Oh man...I can't wait for NFL. I live for that stuff.

I always call my buddy the night before and we taunt each other.

Reggie said...

Our training camp begins tomorrow. Good luck tonight...Go Bombers!

mike said...

"You're my boy blue!"

Chris said...

Milt got the record!!!
139 career TD's leading the way!!!