Sunday, July 29, 2007

I like fire....

So Mr. Stegall got the record. 139 TD's and counting.

I was also thinking of how much I like sitting around a fire with people. There is something soothing about watching the fire. It could really put me to sleep. Thanks to our hosts, Zig and Alyssa. I wish I could have stayed all night. Unfortunately, I had to work today, so I ducked out early.
Sitting around with a group of people puts me at ease. I never feel shy, or reluctant to talk to anyone. I guess that's why Ali and I get along so well. We're both social butterflies.
It's usually a competition between Ali and I to see who can get the most laughs. We feed on each other's jokes and stories, and usually go off on our own little tangent, but I digress.
I really have the urge to go camping now. We had mentioned camping last night, but a few people sound a little to "high maintenance" to roll with us. We set up a tent, sleep on an air bed, and do all of the cooking over the campfire or our Coleman stove. That's camping. Not a huge 300' RV like some people I know. (Reggie). ;) By the way, does that thing have it's own satellite?
Maybe if I ever camped in an RV I'd change my mind, so I'll hold judgement for now....
We always have the invitation to go camping, we just have to actually pack up and go. Maybe next weekend? Nah, too hot.


Reggie said...

It does have satellite TV in the bedroom and living room.

I have a full kitchen with microwave but like to grill outside and cook on a Coleman stove as well.

It’s the same as you and Ali, we just sleep in a real bed with air conditioning and heat.

Gigi, Duke, Cedie, Peaches and Boscoe are in it now in Southport, NC in the RV while I hold down the fort back home.

Rock Chef said...

Once you have tried the 300' RV there is no going back... Some of my in-laws have one and we borrowed it for a few days. It was great.