Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To be young again (no thanks)

Last night, I stepped back into 1997. I was 19, living on a Military base, and was free to come and go as I pleased. First things first, Ali always lets me do what I want. I just have to make sure that I call her, and give her an update.
Getting back to last night. After our weekly baseball game, the team headed to our sponsor's for some beer and wings. My friend Aaron is still home alone, as his wife and son are in Alaska.
As we were leaving the restaurant, Aaron invited me over for a beer. Since I was driving him home anyway, I called Ali and let her know that I would be a little late.
As it turns out, somebody else heard this invitation, and before you know it, the entire team was figuring out how to get to Aaron's house. Since I'm the responsible one, I offered to be designated driver.
We get to Aaron's house, file into the basement, and begin socializing. A few people are playing cards, some others are having "girl conversations" in the corner, and Aaron and I talked about our tastes in music. His dad used to own a music store, and Aaron is in the process of cataloging the entire collection to sell on E Bay. As I leafed through the many pages of CD's/LP's, we reminisced over certain albums, and where we were when we first heard them.
After the beer was gone, the host wanted to continue serving his guests. He cracked out a bottle of homemade red wine, and offered it around the room. Being one of two people not drinking (Justin is the baby at 20, and only drinks Iced tea) it was getting a little boring. I just sat there and rocked out to Nu Shooz and a few others, and let everyone else have some fun.

11 p.m. quickly came and went. At 12 midnight, I decided to call Ali and tell her that I was still there, and would be leaving soon to drive people home. We finally left at 2 a.m.
Now, I feel old staying out past midnight. We all had today off, so I guess that's why everyone decided to stay out late.
I'm all for going out to bond with co-workers, but next time can we go somewhere and be home in bed by 10?


Rock Chef said...

I sometimes wonder what ever happened to getting my "second wind". Now I just doze off in front of the TV if I don't get to bed in time.

Chris said...

I hear you. Plus, I don't think I've ever loved naps as much as I do now.
Does that make me old?

Rock Chef said...

No, that is just the effects of working nights and nagging Ali to slow down!

mike said...

damn it Chris, I'm the same way. The other day we were at a friends place drinking and playing games and 11:00 rolled around and we were all like "oh, it's getting late."

But yeah, I never want to be young again either. PT BOY!