Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breathe in.......breathe out.......

This weekend, I hope to relax. I was telling Ali that I have been just sitting around here, but I never truly relax for some reason. In our hometown, it's always a little easier to....relax.
I'm going to bring my golf clubs. I was hoping to do some fishing, but I'll golf any day.
Also, I'm picking up my car again. I was able to get it to my good mechanic, and it apparently has been running well for him.
I get to visit my best friend again. It's been forever since I've seen him, and I think we're both in need of some "guy time" involving some good conversation, and some cold Coronas.

After this relaxing weekend, I will return to my beloved baseball team. We are still slowly getting better, and I have noticed a better team feeling at work now because of the team. Everyone gets along a little bit better now, therefore making work more fun. Speaking of fun, I was flattered the other by my co-worker Aaron. We were sitting in our break room, and the conversation turned to how crazy I am at work. I'm constantly singing a song, or doing some stupid dance moves just to keep the mood light. While one of my friends was on holidays in England, I picked up her rotation, thus allowing me to work with Aaron everyday. He went on to say that working with me so much was the most fun he's had on our ward yet. That made me feel good. I like when everyone enjoys my company, and can have a laugh at work. May I remind you that this is usually reserved for co-workers. I turn on my professionalism like a light switch when I walk into a patients room. ;)

I just wish I could muster up some of that energy during the drive to work in the morning. Ali is all fired up, and I'm sitting there like somebody just shot my dog. I guess it takes a large coffee to stimulate my, uh, ....funnybone.


Rock Chef said...

Oh, so you are not one of those that walks in at the start of the shift and says "Hey, are you still alive?"

Have a great weekend.

Ali said...

Yeah, you're pretty entertaining when you want to be ;)
But that whole morning thing - maybe you should just give it a chance. Next time I'm dancing so hard that you have to take the wheel while I work the pedals, maybe try to let loose. I always walk into work in a fabulous mood.

mike said...

great minds think alike... I just finished blogging about golfing Saturday.

You need to wear a hat like Stallone in Over the Top. Then when you want to be funny you can just turn your hat backwords "Like a machine... like this truck"