Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hmmm. What's new with me?
I finally get back to co-ed living tonight, as Ali and I have been on separate schedules for the last week or so. I'll be nice to have a home cooked meal, and spend some quality time with my wife again. In case you were wondering, I'm roasting a Mesquite BBQ chicken with rice and veggies.

My parents will be in for a quick visit this week. My dad will be joining me at the football game, where one of the all time best receivers in the CFL, Milt Stegall will go for the record in touchdowns (138).

Why is it that my arms always tan darker than my legs, when they've both received the same amount of sun? Furthermore, why does the skin just above my knees tan darker than the rest of my legs? Is this just me, or does it happen to everyone?

I really want to go camping. We haven't made it out yet this year, and with my holidays only being at one week intervals, I have to spread myself pretty thin. My wife, best friend, and cousin from Alberta all want to do different things. I'll just roll with the punches, and see what happens. I was never one to really plan anything out anyway.

Lastly, my beloved car is acting up again. Spitting and sputtering, it made it out to the baseball diamond and home last night, but I think it's only a matter of time before he croaks again. Now I"m just waiting for that dreaded phone call from the mechanic. I hope it's a cheap fix.


Reggie said...

The same tanning pattern with me. My face gets the darkest but I protect it from the sun as much as possible.

Ali said...

If that f-ing car breaks down one more damn time, I swear, I'm going to light it on fire myself!

John said...

I tan like that too.

I thought of you when watching Malcolm in the Middle the other day. One of the kids went ice fishing, sitting in a little hut around a hole in the ice. No one wanted to talk and when he asked how long it usually took before they got a bite, one of the guys said he had been going there for 40 years and no one had caught anything! I am sure you have more fun that that, though.

mike said...

I don't tan like that.

do what you want with your holidays my friend... just as long as you enjoy yourself. Tubing the Red could be fun.