Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To be a Weatherman...

I decided to go out fishing with a co-worker this morning. The forecast was @ -7 C, and I figured with the recent cold weather we have had, -7 was nothing...
Let me paint the scene.
We drove by the area where we decided to fish. Nobody there.
We went to a local grocery store, and bought some frozen minnows. I had to thaw them out on the dashboard.
We venture out onto the ice, where there was now a small gathering of men, who were so bundled up, they reminded me of that "Pat" character from Saturday Night Live, because of their "front bum".
We chipped out a few of the existing holes, only to stand there in what we referred to as "The wind tunnel", because the wind was relentless. No breaks at all.
We caught one fish, and decided that a nice hot breakfast was a better idea.
Minus seven my ass.


mikedup said...

Silly 'Tobins

John said...

As a cyclist I really feel this. "A bright and sunny day" means it will be nice if you are in a car, but if there is a wind-chill of -10 it can become pretty cold on a bike!