Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The boys of summer - Is that still politically correct?

At work today, my friend Aaron and I decided that we both wanted to play baseball this year.
I played a few years back with Ali's old co-workers, but she's since moved on, and now that I'm %95 percent fixed up from surgery, I think it's time to get back into the swing of things. No pun intended...
We decided to put out a list to gauge interest, and so far about seven people have signed up. It will be a mixed team, but I actually prefer these because it's not as competitive.
There's something about summertime and playing baseball. I rarely watch baseball on t.v. and can't stand to go to a Winnipeg Goldeyes game, but I enjoy playing. Maybe it's a chance to get out my aggression when I'm batting.
I used to play in a rec league in Calgary, and it was more of a beer fest than a baseball game. Our manager would pull out a huge cooler full of beer, charge $1 a piece, and if you didn't have money, he'd run a tab. A tab at a ball diamond!! How redneck is that?
Speaking of Calgary, there are a few things I miss about living there. I enjoyed seeing the mountains everyday. I miss my cousin, who is more like a big sister. I miss my friends. I miss the "battle of Alberta" in football and hockey.
I don't miss my first small apartment, which was hardly big enough for me and my cardboard box (which also doubled as my night table). I don't miss everyone who wore a Stetson cowboy hat during Stampede week (real cowboys excluded). Only certain people can pull a cowboy hat off.
Going back to my apartment, after Ali moved in with me, I never realized how important it was to have luxury items like pots/pans, a kitchen table, and she was right - my posters really were hideous on the walls!!
I honestly have to say, every bachelor's apartment needs a woman's touch. Just don't be present when she's throwing out all your stuff.


John said...

So you're originally from Alberta? I have got a friend in Edmonton who tells me all about the Stampede - he tries to go on holiday to avoid it all!

A former colleague of mine emigrated to Canada - started off in Calgary but found it "too Redneck" (confirmed by your baseball story!) and went to Vancouver which was much more civilised, despite the bears eating people in the parks!

One day my wife and I are going to do a serious tour of Canada...

Chris said...

Not originally, just spent five good years there. I'm from Manitoba.