Thursday, March 29, 2007

Excuse me sir, you lose something?

I went to Wal-Mart this morning to buy some milk, lightbulbs, and garbage bags. I wasn't there too early, around 9:30.
As I walked around the store, I couldn't help but notice people shopping in their p.j.'s. I wonder what they needed that bad, where they couldn't even wait to get dressed before going out.
An older fellow ahead of me was actually in a night gown! Like a night gown that Scrooge wore.
I had to look twice, and he caught me. I guess I must have had a look of sheer terror on my face, because he turned around and said "Nice weather out. You OK?"
I quickly fumbled around in my pockets, and told Ebeneezer that I think I lost my wallet.
I ducked out of line, and scurried down the nearest isle, which, luckily for me, was the over sized underwear isle.
I looked back, and the old guy was still watching me. He actually stepped out of line to watch me walk away. I immediately thought of the old guy from Family Guy, and just prayed that he didn't ask me if I liked Popsicles....
By now I was getting a little nervous, so I went to the electronics department. I was checking if there were any deals on video games, when I got that eerie feeling that somebody was watching me. I turned around - all I saw was the nightgown.....
He walked up to me and handed me a wallet!!!
I turns out this guy found a wallet in the store, and thought it belonged to me. So I did what any honest person would do - grab the big bills, and then turn it in to Customer service. Just kidding.
What are the chances of actually getting caught in my own little lie?!?


Irene said...

Haha, hilarious!
I personally never understood how someone could wear pyjamas out of the house- until I had mono and I wasn't able to put on regular clothes cause of the body rash- but i digress, I think there's something so sad about seeing people out in nightwear at 9:30 in the morning.
Well, unless they have a body rash, then it's not sad in the same kind of way.

John said...

What a strange experience. Love the way the guy gave you that wallet. He must have thought you were really strange :-)

mr zig said...

thats awesome - hehe - one day I will wear my night gown to walmart! I can't wait!

Ali said...

Oh yes - FINALLY something weird happened to you instead of me...but I wish I was there, you know I would have totally went along with it!

mike said...

truthfully I was one of those pajama wearing folks last month. I was too damn lazy to put on my jeans so I just wore the "fat pants" to the grocery store. Not one of my proudest moments, but hey... what do I care?

Much like your dear wife, I wish I was there. Ali and I could have totally compounded the situation. Of course I might have made it worse by saying "You didn't lose your wallet you fuckin' liar!"

Friends are awesome!

Reggie said...

Two things….. that is typical clientele of our Wal-Mart’s around here. Second, don’t hospital workers in Canada wear PJ’s to work like they do here? It would be so comfortable to wear scrubs.

I ain’t trying to pick a fight or nothing ‘cause you are bigger than me.

Logziella said...

Wow...what are the odds of that one?? That is crazy!