Friday, March 30, 2007

A new neighbour

Today it hit 8 degrees out, so I decided to go out and clean up our "yard" a little.
We have a little row of bushes right outside our patio door, and this seems to act as a magnet for garbage.
Our old neighbours above us used to throw away their empty beer cans, which would ultimately end up in OUR bushes, so I started bagging them and throwing them right back up to their patio.
Those pests have since moved out, now we just deal with the new tenants pouring gallons of rinse water down onto our pad.
Anyway, back to cleaning up. I picked up some old flyers, a plastic bag, and a tensor bandage...
It wasn't mine, so what the hell was it doing in our bushes? I wish I had the CSI do-it-yourself DNA kit, then I would find the lazy S.O.B. that decided to throw used medical supplies into our yard.
Our resident rabbit is now back. We've named him Darren. He looks rough.
There is also a new visitor in the area, a huge red Squirrel. He looks like a Gordie to me.
Gordie was snooping around our BBQ and patio looking for scraps yesterday while I was on the phone with a friend.
Suddenly, Gord was gone. I looked along the bushes, through the yard, down at my BBQ - nothing.
Out of nowhere, Gordie came roaring down our screen door, and I think I might have peed my pants a lillte. The last thing I expected to see was a huge Squirrel tearing down my screen door. The under-belly of a Squirrel isn't meant to be seen that close.
Welcome to the area Gordie. Just don't scare me like that again.


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mr zig said...

thats awesome that you guys name your local wildlife! I think I will start doing the same... we have a rabbit that lives in the bushes in our front yard, and another that lives under our deck.

John said...

The nearest we have been to naming local wildlife was when we had a dormouse living in our compost heap. He was amazingly cute, but destroyed everything he came close to - we had no flowers, no vegetables, nothing except the end of a tunnel that surfaced in the middle of our lawn. I will not tell you what we used to call him.