Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pickles, water, and Mitch Fatel

I just finished another rough day at the office.
When I walked into the house, Ali informed me that we were going to buy groceries.
We wandered around Sobey's, collecting random items, none of which are ever on our actual list, but necessary anyway.
Tomorrow night, we're going to the local comedy club to see one of my favorite comedians. His name is Mitch Fatel, and he's friggin' hilarious....or should I say "so sexy..."
That's not coming from me, just part of his act.
We enjoy going to the comedy club, we always have fun, but I don't understand why we never make it a monthly tradition. Gotta change that.
Anyway, time to go. The pickles and water are calling me.


John said...

Impulse shopping - I can remember going to the supermarket, spending £200 and not having anything that actually went together to make a meal!

mikedup said...

aw man... I am such a jealous bastard. Mitch "That's so sexy fatel?"

being broke sucks.k

mr zig said...

mmm pickles.... I love pickles