Friday, January 30, 2009

One on one with Mr. Wreggie

Here is my interview with Wreggie: (Pictured to the right)

What was the biggest misconception about North Carolina?

My biggest misconception was that there would be a lot of log shacks, and people sitting on the porch with greasy stained wife beaters (tank tops)
I actually never saw any dumpy neighborhoods while I was there.
What was the biggest Misconception of me, my house, etc?

Since I had never met you, I had a backup plan to just hang out in the airport. You, of course were cool, and your house was actually what I pictured it to be. I wondered if you really liked to joke around as much as you said you did. Yep. When I first saw your house on Google maps, I was trying to locate the axes...Oh, and I loved the dogs too.

Was NFL like what you thought it would be?

The whole NFL experience has made me a better man. I literally tell everyone I can about how fun the day was, especially the tailgate party. It's now your turn to experience the CFL in all it's glory.
If a pig drink a quart of buttermilk before he starts, and runs a mile before he farts, the farther he runs the farther he far will it be before he shits?
He will poo at the 2.54367124532 mile mark. Or, right next to a huge restaurant window, for all to enjoy.

How many minutes did you spend with Gigi?
My time with Gigi was short, but sweet. Total talk time was about 1 hour, but it was quality, not quantity. She definitely has the gift of gab, and I could talk to that girl for ages. She comes from good genes, Larry touched my heart too.

I enjoyed it dude. Can't wait before you guys come back.
Ditto. More golf, more grits, and more laughs.
Thanks again for helping Ali with one of the best Christmas presents ever!!


Wreggie said...

I was wondering how you would handle the pig question.

Most folks think when entering the south that there will be chickens running around at the airport and banjo music in the air.

Taint so.

I was thinking about you yesterday when I was picking up horse turds and thought...Chris was actually back here for a brief moment. He met my grouchy horse sassy.

Slyde said...

hey! whats wrong with tank tops?