Friday, January 9, 2009

Just where exactly are the cockles of the heart?

Anyway, here are a few things that warm those "cockles".

I love hearing Ellery say "Dada". I'll love it even more when she knows how to use it to her advantage.

I love packing up the family and venturing outside in the cold winter air for a brisk walk.

I love watching football in HD. I never really appreciated the difference until I got hooked up.

I love relaxing and ice fishing in an ice shack. Nothing beats manly conversation and fish.

I love mom's home cooking. I just have to get her to pick up on Southern comfort food...

I love driving on long road trips. Especially the ones I had with my best friend Mike.

I love having a date night with Ali. We haven't made much time for each other lately, but I think it's time for dinner and a movie (her choice).

I love staying in hotel rooms.

I love a good zombie movie.

I love when Ellery smiles so hard it looks like her face is going to crack. She's doing it right now...


Wreggie said...

How come Zombies walk so slow and always catch you?

Chief Rock Chef said...

I think it is when you have got really bad cholesterol and your heart starts to look like the bottom of an old boat.

Just thinking of Miss E warms mine, anyway!

Slyde said...

10 pts to you for loving good zombie movies!

Ali said...

MY PICK!?!?!? Sweet!