Friday, January 30, 2009

I'll see if I can fit you in...

Hey, even the Dali Lama loves the Bombers!!

The Canadian Football League has released it's 2009 schedule.
This is when I write down every Blue Bomber home game in my little calender, then present it to my manager, who then ensures that I have these games off.

I owe her one.

I'm hoping to take Ellery to a game this year. Once I know she can stay entertained for a while, she can begin the Bomber experience.
That little jersey is getting smaller by the day, so she had better get some use out of it soon.

Then, of course, when it comes time to book my holidays, I'll be sure to take the second week of September off, so I can get ready for the hated arch nemesis that is the Saskatchewan Roughriders...

Can't wait for training camp to start on May!

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Chief Rock Chef said...

You owe her one? I'd say she OWNS you!