Monday, January 19, 2009 disgusting!!!

I was thinking about how many people I catch picking their nose while they drive.

It isn't limited to just young men either. Even though younger men are dubbed the pigs of the earth (wearing the same undies for days on end, and using up every clean dish until you're actually eating from an empty pop bottle cut up to fashion a bowl, etc), I've actually seen older business women driving BMW's and Range Rovers indulging in a quick snack too.

First of all, EEWW!! Second of all, every time I've been guilty of cleaning my nose, it's never been something that I've thought "Man, I just have to eat that!"

This make me wonder what these people lacked as kids. Maybe their moms didn't cook with enough garlic, and that just reminds them of mom's home cooking.

This also reminds me of one of Ali's former classmates who would scratch her scalp, then proceed to dig up the dried skin from underneath her nails with her teeth.
The worst part was how she'd justify it. "Well, I was hungry!!".

I've eaten some nasty foods in my day, including raw caribou and bull's testicles, but never would I stoop to those levels. I've got my pride ;)

So, the next time you're on the open road, take a quick peek to the car stopped next to you at that red light. See if they actually stop when they notice you staring at them, or see if they are just too hungry to care.


Slyde said...

sorry, i was going to write a longer comment, but its too hard to type while you're picking your nose..

Chief Rock Chef said...

Well people pay a lot for oysters, which are just like a big lump of snot, so maybe they are just budgeting?