Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Various childhood memories

I would like my special power to be the ability to stop time.
I have always thought this would be handy. You see a crime in progress, just stop time and walk over and beat the guy silly.

Either that, or have the ability to completely empty a body of water. This would be cool to see all the crap that has accumulated on the bottom over the years, especially in the Hudson River in NY.
All the bodies, guns, and vehicles would make me rich.
When I was a kid, I often thought of being able to empty lakes, so that I could walk across and pick up the biggest fish. Laziness at it's best!

Also, when I was on long road trips, I would pretend that the knob on the window handle was a remote control to a high speed airplane. As I would look out the window, I would picture the plane flying under signs, through ditches, and of course, if I pushed the button, it would become a 4 X4 car with huge tires.

When I laid in bed as a kid, I imagined that if I closed my eyes, evil things could not see me. I figured that this gave me too big of an advantage to the bad guys, so I compromised. If I had one eye open and one eye closed, bad guys could still see me, but I was like a hologram. That, and I couldn't see them back.
If I closed my eyes, it would have a 3 second delay, so I could still technically be killed even though my eyes were closed.

And, before you ask, yes I did eat glue as a kid.


Wreggie said...

Oh I had very complex monster rules too as a lid. Some of my made up rules and monsters were so real to me that I would scream for my mother.

I really really like the idea of dumping out a lake...very cool.

We had a severe drought here a few years ago and saw a lot of real estate revealed in lakes but there was still water.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I don't remember having rules about monsters - I wish I had, might have let me sleep better!