Sunday, April 8, 2007

This almost got me killed

It was a 2 for 1 Sunday lunch. Me, my mother in law, and Ali's cousin all have birthdays in the next few days.
As we were finishing our meal, people started passing me birthday cards. Without hesitating, I began opening the card seen here in the picture. This is when the attack happened...
Just as though a flare had been shot into the night sky, the troops moved in. Ali, her mom, her Grandma, cousin, AND aunt all chimed in unison "Don't open it NOW, it's not your birthday!!"
Call me crazy, but as I looked around the room and noticed everybody eating the chocolate birthday cake and vanilla ice cream, just after they had finished singing "Happy Birthday" I thought I had the chance - nay - privilege of opening my birthday cards. What was I thinking?
Just another one of those great mysteries that one has to wonder about when it comes to his loving "other" family.
At my house growing up, we were never good at surprises. My parents always spilled the secret about a hidden gift, or they would buy us something in July and say Merry Christmas. I know this drives Ali crazy, and I must say I notice it a lot more now than ever.
Just yesterday my mom told us what Ali was getting for her birthday, and what we were getting for our Anniversary in June. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Chris/Ali.

P.S. I love my parents.


Ali said...

Ahem, MY family believes you should wait until your birthday for things because the gifts are for your birthDAY - not two days before.
If you open everything ahead of time then how special is your actual birthday? Not very.

Your family are looney toons for opening everything early - I mean, geez, my birthday isn't for months and I already know what I'm getting.

P.S. The only reason we had the cake today was because we wanted to celebrate with all of you - so plbbb!

mike said...

damn... if I had been in that situation I would have done the same thing. Dinner with family, they sing birthday that song, give you a card... it only seems natural to open it right away.

Tomorrow you turn into an old bastard... congrats my friend!

Headed home from Minneapolis this morning... soooooo broke!

John said...

My mum is dreadful for giving presents early - I often end up getting 2 or 3 birthday presents from her, as first she will give me some cash a month or so in advance so I can buy some new toy soldiers, then she will see something that is great, buy it and then give it to me immediately because she can't wait, and then she will actually give me another present on the day! Sorry, Ali, keeping it to one day is just being a party pooper :-)