Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday ramblings by a bored white guy

I finally registered my baseball team today. It looks like it's all finally coming together.

My parents were in the city overnight. It's funny how you live with them for years, and when you finally move out, you can only take them in small doses. I notice how much my mom nit-picks little things about my dad, how much married people bicker. Is this what I'm going to turn into?

I catch myself over-reacting to little things, but I am quick to laugh it off. For the most part.

As we were sitting in the waiting room in the hospital today, I noticed a few magazines that Ali did some freelance for. I was bragging it up to some total strangers, and they seemed impressed as they did that awkward laugh and nod....

One of my biggest pet peeves these days is people driving while talking on their cell phones. What the hell can be that important that these people carry on a full fledged conversation all the way down Portage Avenue?

As I grow up, I get along with my dad more and more. I always had tons of fun with him, but now we are always joking and laughing. It should be noted that my dad and I have the exact same laugh. Many people have tried to copy this laugh, but it's all ours. I look forward to going to lots of football games with him this year, and many more to come. Just don't ask me to move in with him.

My car finally decided to start. Out of the blue, I decided to try popping off the gas cap. To my surprise, my car started after 10 days. We have had similar problems with a few other cars, and I still don't know what an air lock can do to prevent a car from starting...

I am picking up one of Ali's (good) habits. I am rarely watching T.V. during the day now. I'd much rather listen to music, and play air drums to my favorite songs.

My sister has a very expensive drum set, and apparently she and her boyfriend are renting some prime real estate for jam space. I'll finally get to play drums for real.

Ali and I have decided on a few other names for our kids. Now we absolutely MUST have two boys, and two girls. These names are sweeeeeet!!!! And no, we won't tell anyone, so don't bother asking.

It is finally nice enough to wear shorts now. I'm sure glad we went to Mexico in February, because there's nothing that bugs me more than pale legs at the beginning of Spring. Besides cell phones in cars.

Happy Monday folks, now get ready for a wicked drum solo.

That reminds me of a little story. I used to play the "drums" at home by setting up couch cushions, and banging on them with drumsticks that my dad had, or hangers.
And yes, this WAS last week.


John said...

It has been illegal to drive while using a mobile for some time over here, but everyone still does it. I am not actually convinced that anyone has been prosecuted for it yet!

Get out those drum sticks!

mike said...

when I see people on their cells (even in the smalltown I'm in) I tend to think "WWCD" (What would Cappy Do) and then I voice my opinion in a civilized manner ;)

Logziella said...

I also hate the whole driving with cell phone thing! Every time someone does something stupid on the road like pull out in front of me or something, they are always on a cell phone! I can't believe insurance companies have not done some research into how many accidents involved cell phones and raised those people's rates!! The world would be a better place!

Great post Chris! I love randomness!!!!

mr zig said...

I hate when other people drive with cellphones... but - here's a confession - I do it all the time. - But, I am not a retarded driver. When the traffic gets a little heavy my cellphone goes away. I know I shouldn't do it, but I am aware of the fact that it makes people bad drivers, so I make sure to try very hard to drive nice while i'm on the phone.

John said...

In the UK there is an awareness campaign that states that people driving while on the phone have 4 times the chance of being in a crash. There was also a demonstration on a driving prog on TV where a test driver drove around a course normally and then repeated it while using a phone. He thought he was just as good until they showed him the replay.

Ali said...

Wait just one second here - about that pale legs in shorts comment...did you happen to notice that you are married to someone who has alabaster skin? We can't ALL have Romanian skin - cheers for the Irish!

John said...

Ali, pretty girls can get away with pale legs!

Ali said...

Awwww, thank you John! That is, if you were referring to me... ;)