Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Karma is a bitch....

Remember when I posted a few days ago about it being slow at work? Please hold my stuff while I shoot myself in the foot.
Here's how it went down.....First, it was my turn to drive in our carpool. My car didn't start this morning, so my passenger became the driver.
After that, it was one of the busiest days ever at work. The only bad thing about 10 people going for surgery, is that every one of them have to go for X-rays on the following day. This means 10 people on stretchers, and 10 people back to bed after the X-ray is done. It wouldn't be a bad thing if we had full staffing on our ward, but we never do, and the float staff we have just complain about the amount of work that they have to do.
After a while, I had an "altercation" with a co-worker. She was surfing the Internet, and when somebody asked her to help, she suggested that they find someone else to help. This is when I snapped. I told her that while she was checking her e-mail, the rest of us were working our tails off, and she had to help out on the ward.
So, after that, Ali was supposed to pick me up when I was done work, as my ride had plans and left early. She called me when I was halfway down the hall, and said that she couldn't pick me up because her car had a flat....are you friggin' kidding me?
This meant only one option - public transportation. With me not fully trusting my piece-of-crap car, I put a few bus tickets in my wallet - just in case, and now I'm glad I did.
I finally arrived home, and have only one day off to enjoy before I go back and do it all again.
I'll have to spend it getting a flat tire fixed, and staring under the hood of my lifeless car, pretending that I know what I'm looking at. I wish everything could be resolved by topping up the windshield washer fluid, 'cause then I'd look like a genius.
Things will get better. It will warm up someday, my car will start again, and that fore mentioned co-worker will soon be Michigan's problem.
P.S. Stay away from Michigan.


Ali said...

If it's ANY consolation - I already know that it won't be, but here goes - I actually left the house so that I would be ON TIME to pick you up for once in my life.
It just so happened that Lady Luck was actually shooting me the finger, not waving hello, as I had originally thought - thus my very flat tire. :(

mr zig said...

I love when people surf the net when there is stuff to do! (there are a few people around here that do that too - chat, download, and surf - all day then complain about how busy they are! hah!