Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Famous friends and family

I was watching a hockey game with my dad the other day. The San Jose Sharks were playing, and when it showed the coach (Ron Wilson) I told my dad they looked alike and could be brothers.
To my surprise, my dad said they were neighbours here in Winnipeg. That got me to thinking.
Who else does my family know that are famous, or in the public eye?

In his earlier years, my dad dated a girl who's brother ended up playing in the NHL.
A 2nd cousin of mine was a member of Canada's National swim team for many years.
My wife will be a world famous writer of children's books.
And me? Well, I say that I'm the best damn nurse this side of ol' Florence Nightingale herself. Only I'm a guy.

What about you? Are you related to/know any famous people?


Reggie said...

Yes, President Andrew Johnson. He was the one after Lincoln and he was the first to be impeached. He was a Southerner and the yankee folks had a belly full of Southerners by then.

John said...

I am related to a couple of TV celebs - one used to host a game show, the other is an actress.

Logziella said...

My Step Dad's Mom once married some guy with the last name of 'Alstott' and I guess he had a son or grandson that was/is a famous football player here in the U.S...

Like I mentioned the other day, I once ate dinner with someone who was featured on the show America's Most Wanted.

Irene said...

My dad's stepmother's daughter's husband is Michael Hogan, known for guest appearances on Street Legal and other Canadian-made productions.
Oh, and I'm sleeping with a tv producer.

mike said...

my girlfriend is sleeping with a tv producer