Monday, December 8, 2008

Manventure V 2.0

Soon, I will be packing my bags and venturing down to some warmer weather to see my first NFL game.
I think I have been driving Ali crazy, with my relentless planning, my lists, and talking about the most recent weather forecasts.
I basically plan on getting as little sleep as possible to fully maximize my time in North Carolina.
My gracious host is filling the day planner with different ideas and suggestions for sampling the local cuisine.

Here's my only dilemma - the host team is playing my favorite team. The other thing is that I actually own a Carolina Panthers jersey, so I'll think I'll be safe and wear the proper "gang" colors.
I don't want to cause a scene. I'll still cheer for my team, just a little quieter than usual.

So, as we reach our high temperature of -29 Celsius with the wind, I'll be day dreaming of my first tailgate party, my first NFL game, and the tropical 50 degree weather that awaits me.


Wreggie said...

Hell yeah. I'm looking forward to it. A great Manventure.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sounds great! I used to love watching football on the TV - don't see it now :-(

I am sure you will have a blast regardless if the result.

Ali said...

No more lists. No more forecasts. No more "I wonder if Wreggie..."


Don't make me have to open up a can of whup-ass.

Slyde said...

Have fun! For me, going live to a game just isnt as much fun as watching it in the nice warm comfort of my living room.

Backpacker momma said...

NFL is a whole other experience. If you think YOU like football, wait til you see the American fans. If you aren't wearing a jersey, you look like the odd man out! Have fun and bring tylenol!

Wreggie said...

And remember...I am not an ax murderer. Promise!

Jay Gray said...

I can vouch for Wreg, he's a good man!

Ya'll will have a blast. His sense of humor is like no other and you'll spend all weekend laughing.