Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in the saddle again

I've returned form a week in Ontario.
I've over eaten more than once, visited friends and family, and even stayed up past 11 p.m.

I now have to face the reality of working again, getting up and starting my cold car, and eventually listening to my parents gawk about their trip to the Caribbean, and how hot it was.

My dad will come back tanned as black as tar, my mom will have her hair weaved in that stupid little dread lock thingy that all white tourist get done (I think it's just a joke that locals play on tourists to make them look like assholes) and my sister will be on her latest rant, which currently involves how farm animals are mistreated, and how skim milk powder is 2 chemicals away from napalm.....

I'm over the fact that 90% of my immediate family is going South. I had my awesome man weekend earlier in the month, and I'm hoping Ali will be able to do something with her girlfriends in the future. It just irks me how people always tell stories of their vacation and say things like "Remember how our bartender Jose said your name?" or when they have an inside joke that just won't die.
With my parents, it's the lame pictures. Sure, they mean something to them, but to me it's just a group of strangers smiling, and holding up giant drinks.
And then there's my dad's famous line "Did you notice _____ while you were in Cuba?" Or "Is that what you did when you were there?"

Petty, I know, but I'm ready for it this year more than ever. I have Ali and Ellery to keep me sane through the cold months ahead.


Guynonymous said...

awesome man weekend eh?

*raises eyebrows*

heh, just jokes... your parents are so kick ass, as much as they annoy you sometimes, ya gotta admit, they're cool people... Even if your mom will do the "Monica" by swaying her sea shell beaded hair side to side.

Happy New Year best buddy of mine

Slyde said...

tell me about it.. today is my first day at work for the past 3 weeks.. this sucks!

Jay Gray said...

I know it is not the Caribbean but we are looking at a high of 76 today with sunny skys here in FL!

Sorry to rub it in :)