Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's almost the "C" word..


Remember a few years back when a few people were freaking out, saying that Christmas wasn't just for Christians, and that everyone celebrated this holiday?
We couldn't say Christmas tree. It was known as a "holiday" tree.
We couldn't say Merry Christmas, it was "Happy holidays".

Way to ruin Christmas. Merry Holi-mas.

This last few days before the big day is where I'm truly impressed with Ali's ability to speed shop.
This is like watching a man on crack going through his shopping list. My question is this ;

Why can't women shop like this all of the time?

They buy what they need, glancing at their lists, get into a store, get mad at the crowd, buy what they need, and bee line it for the till. Sounds like man shopping to me!

Good luck finishing your shopping.


Chief Rock Chef said...

There are all sorts of silly things going on about Christmas - soap operas not having Christmas Specials, not calling it Christmas, etc. I say screw it! I am celebrating Christmas! If non-Christians want to join in, fine, they are welcome, so long as I can still call it Christmas!

Sounds like Ali has learned how to shop like my wife does - it is great to watch!

Have a great CHRISTMAS!

Wreggie said...

I say let them celebrate, "Festivus a holiday for the rest of us".

Gigi and I aren't spending much this year. We have more shit than we need.

I did find a Wii yesterday and am darn excited about that.

Stay clear of a woman on a mission. You'll just get hurt.