Thursday, January 31, 2008

He's baaack!!!

Today marks a good day for all Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans.
Milt Stegall , "The touchdown beagle" has decided to come back to the Blue Bombers for one more year. Last season, he was constantly hounded by the media about the chase for the CFL touchdown record, which he broke.
He also said that last season was his final one. In fact, he even said 99.9% chance he was finished.

It looks like I have a good reason to renew my season tickets afterall.....

In other news, I've finished my speech for my best friend's wedding. I e-mailed a copy to Ali, just in case I lost mine. She called me a few hours later, telling me that I had forgotten entire words in some sentences. My only excuse was that I was reading it from a notebook, and was trying to be like those fancy pants people who can type and look away at the same time.
I was thinking of these speeches, and how so many guys try to make the whole thing about personal jokes. The funniest thing about these speeches, is watching the people who don't have a clue about the jokes, but laugh like they know it anyway. They look like idiots.
If I were them, I'd just stare at the guy giving the speech, not batting an eye when he looks at me. Each time he looks at me, my eyes would get just a little wider, and my would move just a little closer. Yeah, give him something to think about.
Here's a toast to you, my fellow reader(s). Have a helluva day.


Rock Chef said...

I dread ever having to do one of those speaches, I would truly hate it.

Hope it all goes well!

mike said...

That's it, I'm just going to stand up 6" away from you and stare at ya during the speech.