Monday, January 21, 2008

An early preview of fatherhood

I spent some time with Ali at her Dr.'s appointment this morning. After the usual 2 hour ordeal, we got some lunch.

After I dropped off the family at work, I headed to the public health Nurse's office to ask about prenatal classes.
I then went to my auntie's house to ask her if she'd be interested in watching our little Butterbean after Ali has finished her maternity leave. I got a soft "yes", and made my way back home.

I got to thinking about when our baby arrives. I picture my everyday routine, then apply the baby factor into things. I think it will be an easy transition. Actually, I think the baby will get me more active, as I take them to the park, Blue Bomber practices, the pool, etc.
Since my best friend is miles away, my Butterbean will be my main source of entertainment while Ali is at work. By the time she gets home, I think I'll be in need of some "adult" time, so then the roles will be reversed, at it will be me talking her ear off, telling her about our day, until she snaps and tells me to "please be quiet" or something to that effect.;)

May cannot come soon enough.
Plus, there will be no more -45 Celsius weather to contend with....

And the Bombers will be back in town.


Rock Chef said...

I can see it now! Having that time with just you and Butterbean each day will be amazing, you will love it, even the poo, sick and crying.

mike said...

coolest dad ever.... well at least until Irene and I have one of our own!

Reggie said...

My nephew is enjoying his first.

Go Giants!

Ali said...

"Please be quiet" - oh, that's rich.