Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Double digits

Today officially makes it 98 days to go until Butterbean is scheduled to grace us with their presence.
For the past few days, I've been able to see little kicks, and other squirmy movements. Poor Ali is the recepient of all of the bladder shots, and she makes me jump when we're lying there, and she suddenly goes "Oohh. That was a good one."

It really pisses me off when you try to keep a car clean, and scratch free. It seems the harder you try, the more determined people are to mess up your car.
First it was somebody denting the rear passenger door with something. Next, it was some a-holes throwing a box spring away into the dumpster. Of course, they hit the side of our car, and put an 8" creased dent down the door - again. At least it's the same door.

I've managed to injure my right heel/ankle again. The pain and swelling is nothing new to me, it just adds to my frustration about the whole back issue. I feel sorry for Ali, she's the one who has to hear me grumbling as I hobble around the house. As the ankle gets better, so does my mood.
I have some serious making up to do tonight.

Have a good day. Keep your fingers crossed that Bruce's repairs won't be too pricey...


Rock Chef said...

I loved being able to see baby movements in my wife's belly.

I feel for you with the back and ankle - I suffer from sciatica (spelling?) from time to time and it really gets to you after a while. And, of course, what you have is much more painful than that!

Ali said...

Oh, so you HAVE noticed you've been a bit grumpy...

*sigh* I love you anyways though, of course.