Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sore, tired, headaches, eyes hurt....

Isn't the flu fun?
Every year, I have the debate with people who get/don't get the flu shot. I'm neutral on the shot, and have had it due to work reasons in the past.
I have to put one rumor to rest. The flu shot does not make you get the flu. It is designed to combat the top three "forcasted" flu viruses each year. The problem is, when they make the vaccine, it is only an educated guess as to which strain it's going to beat. As luck may have it, some of you will get the flu anyway. Boo.
I have called in sick for the past 2 days. I never call in sick. As I lay in bed every morning around 7:30a.m. (the time I start my shift) I half expect my manager to call me "just to see how I'm feeling."
Yeah right.

It drives me crazy when so many of my co-workers call in sick because they hurt their back, wrist, ankle, etc. and milk it for a week. Then there are the other parents that I work with. The ones with a spouse at home, who also has a job with sick time, who bail out of a shift three hours in to go tend to their sick kids, while their spouse is at home!!
But yeah, you're right. Call me at home to make sure I'm not faking it......
Even with a bad back, I can count on one hand the number of times I actually have called in sick.

Wow, see how defensive I get? Imagine how mad I'd be if she actually did call me this time.
Plus, Ali's now sick too, so I have to treat her and the Bean.

The worst part of this is that I have to go see my Doctor, get a sick note (which I have to pay for) and ask her to write down that I had the flu. Aren't we all adults here? Don't we know what the ass kicking flu feels like? To be sure, let's get bundled up in the -45 weather, get into a freezing cold car, drive to the clinic to sit there for an hour, just to have the Doc say "you're right. It's the flu."
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. Being sick was easy.

P.S. I didn't get the flu shot this year.


Reggie said...

Sorry man, flu sucks.

I got my first ever flu shot since 1977 when I had a reaction.

Hope you guys feel better.

queenbeejo said...

I so feel you on the coworkers calling out but they have a spouse at home... they get special treatment as being parents. Hey I choose not to have kids and that doesn't make my time any less valuable.

I just came down with the flue. Drs office said this year its only helping 40% of people. The virus mutates so quickly its impossible to get all strains. SO i don't get it. I'm a scientist and work in pharma...lol

geoff said...
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Chris said...

Thanks Geoff.
Why don't you spell your name like a normal human?
Judging by your poor grammar, you probably don't have any education at all, so your opinion doesn't have any bearing on me anyway.

You only wish you lived in Canada so you could mooch off of our system too.