Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - the best year yet?

I was talking to Ali yesterday, and I was saying how I really didn't remember many huge events in 2007.
This year will be a little more memorable. Just next month, my best friend Mike gets married, and I get the honour of being his best man. It will be a weekend full of good times.

Of course, after that, Butterbean makes their long anticipated entrance into the world.
I've been noticing how many things we need to change around the apartment to make it baby safe.
Mainly, a lot of things will have to be put up out of reach. I get excited when I hear our parents or friends talk about our baby. It's funny how everyone has used the nickname "Butterbean" along with us, and how easily it rolls off of everyone's tongue.

We had a quiet new year's eve last night. We rented a few movies, and vowed to make it until midnight. At 11:00, I offered to change the channel, so we could watch the ball drop in the East coast. We didn't, and we missed midnight. I can't honestly remember the last time I was awake for the big moment at 12 a.m.
Actually, I did see it turn midnight - in Australia.

Happy new year everyone, let's make it a good one.

My resolutions are to get my back fixed up, and to be an excellent dad. What are yours?


Ali said...

You don't have to resolve to be an excellent dad - you already are.

Rock Chef said...

Being an excellent dad will come naturally to you - you will be great.

My resolution? Probably just to have less crap in my life!